8 Most Lawn Mower Mistake: Lawn Mower Maintenance

1. Not Checking the air filter

The main problem we still have is that user are not testing their air filter. The user need to change the oil and grease which they are great at greasing but sometimes fail to change or clean their air filters as needed, Having a dirty air filter can because of a number of programs.

  • ┬áNot go to enough air the engine which can contaminate any plug.
  • The suction can rupture a hole in the filter with debris in the cylinder which forces the cylinder and can create big expensive problems.

2. Not Keeping your blade sharp

Your blades need to be sharpened at least three times a 12 month, sometimes, even more, are you continue to stick.

However, The tame blades start instead of cut your garden grass. If your lawnmower moves a while line when cutting raw,your grass is tearing and there is probably a reason for your blades to occur tame.

Not only does the grass look good, but it is also more susceptible to disease.

3. Not Cleaning the mower deck

This Worthy be done after each raw work, We regularly fill 5-gallon kibble full of dry grass under the glass deck.

Gras be able to pluck under the deck, smash airflow that affects the times of your cut. Grass collection be able maker your deck rust faster than a clean deck.

4. Not storing the lawnmower properly

The ingredients is not always the only need. In recent years we have seen the big issue of a large number of rats.

Rats like to nest next to coils and them on coil wires. In many cases, this cable cannot be purchased separately and the coils can be so costly. It’s important to do everything you can to keep rats away from your lawnmower.

5. Not Checking tire pressure

Many times we cut fresh grass, put the lawnmower on the apex, and then start cutting the next week without a cheak up. Tire pressure is a similar problem among lawnmowers.

6. Not running the engine to the proper RPMs

Highest of the lawn mowers you buy these days run at full throttle. They are art to pull enough air to cool the motor and turn the blades at full speed right!

Usually, it is around 3600 rpm, Running slower than this will make your engine worker tougher also prevent you from getting enough air, and slow down your blade top-speed by affecting your cutting quality.

7. Not using quality fuel

This has become a bigger problem with 2 cycle equipment but with regular lawnmowers, it is also a neat problem. First, you should store your gas properly.

We had a lot of problems with rust in our gas tanks;. This is generally to improper storage before the gas has run into the machine. Also, keep in mind the level of alcohol in the gas. Gas alcohol can actually draw water through vents and it can mix water into your gas without your knowledge.

Water causes numerous problems when it comes to the fuel system. If you can, try to find alcohol-free fuels. Be confident to keep your lawnmower out of the elements again to reduce the risk of water in the fuel tank.

8. Trying to much cut grass

We discuss the height of the grass here. You cut to much time after your last raw work and now the grass is twice as long as usal. So you keep your deck at a similar height and star.

Wrong. As a usual rule, you should only cut the blade in half. So if your grass is 1t is really i2″ high then you should cut 6″. More than that will make your engine work harder.

Finale Talk

I hope that you,u clearly understand all of the things which We discuss you already. I try my best effort to provide you with all about lawnmower maintenance. However, It is really important to know how to maintain lawnmower.

If you are looking at maintenance details. It will be really good enough, I think are you have any question, please feel free to contact me so that I can solve your problem.

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