5 Best Suggestion How To Use A Lawn Aerator

How to use a Lawn Aerator

A lawn aerator is a garden tool used to throw up the soil of your lawn. The machine usually has spikes attached to the drum that make holes in the ground so that nutrients and water can reach your grassroots good. The aeration of the soil in your line allows slight movement or movement in the soil which allows the earthworm to make the soil more fertile. The tool is not difficult to use and the general step-by-step guide shows you how to use an aerator for your lawn. So How to use a lawn aerator you show here step by step, Let’s discuss our article.

How to use a Lawn Aerator

Step1- Determine Bet time to Aerate

Before you start using your lawn aerator to remove soil from your garden, you should first determine the best time of year. Depending on the type of grass in your yard you may want to use a lawn aerator in summer or autumn. Winter grasses are best aerated in early winter and warm-season varieties are usually aerated in summer.

If you are not sure what kind of grass you have in your yard, someone from the local garden nursery center should help you identify it. Take a few grass clippings and ask them what kind of grass you have. Then you will know the best time to wind your lawn.

Step2- Moisten the Grass

Lawn air ventilation is best when the grass is a little damp or wet. So, take a garden hose and spray the first part that has a fine fog setting and water your lawn. Do not water it too much, but apply sufficient water to make the soil soft and moist. This will allow easy use of your lawn aerator.

Step3- Guide the Aerator Across Lawn

Start pushing the lawn aerator across your lawn. Thrust the aerator in a straight line that slightly overlaps each new row. You use the lawn aerator much the same way you would a standard hand-operated lawnmower. Push the machine gently so that it actually gets time to rotate the soil surface and make air holes.

Step4- Cross Lawn Again at right Angle

Once you have covered the entire surface area of ​​your lawn with the lawn irator, go to the side of your yard and start pushing the machine again. Now you move the line area in such a way that it narrows the path you created for the first time. This will create many more airtight holes in your lawn and allow better seed and water supply.

Step5- Seed Your Lawn

If you are thinking to plant your lawn, it is a great idea to do it along with booking. In fact, if you sow your lawn just after watering, you will notice that the grass in this area grows much faster and is greener.

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