How To Choose A Respirator Or Dust Mask?

Suffering from breathing problems compels the mower to buy a respirator or dust mask. But, how to choose the respirator or dust mask? It’s natural, you must consider various factors when buying a respirator or dust mask.

Before jumping to those factors, let’s learn why you should use the respirator or dust mask while mowing the lawn.

Mowing the lawn needs to use different sorts of chemicals and fumes. So, causing the breathing problem is common to the most regular mower. If you already have a breathing issue, undoubtedly, it’ll arise when you’re mowing the field.

Due to dirt and pollen in the air, the mower faces different sorts of diseases, including nasal problems.

The respirator and dust mask come with a proper ventilation system that is useful to control various diseases and complications.

Possibly, that’s why the mower must use a respirator or dust mask to prevent their problems.

How to Choose A Respirator or Dust Mask?

How to Choose a Respirator or Dust Mask?

Indeed, dust masks and respirators protect us from different types of pollens, mists, fumes, liquids, and so on. But, the dust mask and respirator aren’t exactly the same.

So, before choosing a respirator or dust mask, understand your hazard type first. You might find hazardous dust or vapor hazards in the working place. Choosing the right mask will become easy when you understand your hazard types.

And then, consider the following features into your dust mask or respirator.

Air Purifying Capacity

The first thing you must consider while buying the mask is the dust mask with a filter. The filtering system into the dust mask enables the air purifying capacity of the mask.

Frankly speaking, this is why we buy and use dust masks – to prevent the particles of air. Do test before buying your mask whether it can prevent the pollen and mist successfully or not.

Tight Sealing

Usually, the quality respirator and dust mask come with tight sealing against your face. If the mask isn’t tight enough, you won’t find it safe to use. The mask will frequently remove or move away from your face.

Therefore, no matter what you choose between the dust mask and respirator, make sure it is tight enough. Nevertheless, the tightness shouldn’t be too much that you feel suffocated after wearing the mask.

Effectivity and Comfortability

Undoubtedly, you want to use a comfortable and effective mask while mowing the lawn. If you feel suffocating after wearing the mask, you cannot concentrate on your work.

That’s why you must wear a disposable mask with foamy seals that makes the mask comfortable to breathe.

Reduce Heat Buildup

When choosing the respirator, you must ensure that it has a proper ventilation system or filter. The proper ventilation filter reduces the heat buildup inside the respirator. Consequently, you can concentrate on your work despite irritation.


When there are highly toxic particles, you must choose the non-disposable mask. Sealing gaskets into the non-disposable mask is compulsory for preventing the toxin particles.

Heavy-Duty and Cost-Effectiveness

If you’re buying the mask for professional use, you must invest in the heavy-duty dust mask. Although the heavy-duty dust masks are costly, for the quality, their price is really worth it.

However, for common uses, you can choose the cost-effective respirator or dust mask. But remember, the respirator usually doesn’t come at a low price.


Not just you; everyone wants to get a long-lasting respirator or dust mask. Nobody wants to invest in such gears again and again.

Therefore, look for a long-lasting respirator and dust mask whether you buy it for professional or regular use.


Which Is Better – Dust Mask or Respirator?

Using the dust mask is okay for regular lawn mowing work. But, when it comes to the hazardous environment, you must use a respirator for protection. That's because the dust mask cannot protect you from hazardous conditions like smoke, vapor gas, and so on.

Can You Use the Respirator as a Dust Mask?

It's not recommended to use dust masks, like N-95, to prevent the nuisance of dust. The N-95 respirator should be used to maintain the requirement of the MSU respiratory protection program.

Is a Dust Mask the Same as a Medical Mask?

Dust masks look the same as medical masks, but you cannot use dust masks for medical purposes. Unlike the medical masks, the protection capacity of the dust masks is limited. Therefore, you can use dust masks for construction and cleaning activities instead of for medical purposes.

Is Respirator Better Than Mask?

In comparison, respirator masks are better than surgical masks. The small particles are disposable to the surgical masks. As the small particles from the air easily enter into the surgical masks, it isn't completely safe. Nevertheless, the respirator effectively filters the small particles from the air. Consequently, you’ll get comfortable and safe breathability wearing the respirator.

The Sum Up!

The respirator is more protective and effective than the dust mask. You can have any among the respirator and dust masks. The effectiveness of both of the masks is almost the same. But how to choose a respirator or dust mask successfully?

Even though you never bought a mask, it’ll now be easier to choose a dust mask or respirator.

The pro-tip is when you’re buying the dust mask, choose the nuisance dust mask. It is one of the popular dust masks among thousands of options. Conversely, when the respirator is your choice, the Typical N95 would be the preferable option.

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