5 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles (Gardening Tools You’ll Love)

It’ll be difficult to find a gardener who doesn’t complain about brambles. I mean, why wouldn’t anyone? They’ll grow really fast, and before you know it, they’re all over your beautiful garden. Gardening is for helping us feel peace from our hectic lives. When something takes over our place of peace, we’ve got to do something. However, it’s not easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t have the right devices for it. So, you’ve determined that you need good-quality tools. But how do you identify which ones are the best? 

We’ve got you covered. We have found the 5 best brush cutters for brambles here so that you can stop roaming around in the wrong places. Get one of them, and you’ll get rid of your bramble bushes in the most fun way possible. 

Let’s start the Review with Top List:

5 Best Brush Cutter For Brambles 

No matter if this is your first brush cutter or you’ve been disappointed before, this list will make you feel better. We’ve evaluated each of them closely to give you the most perfectly inspected brush cutter reviews.

1. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer AttachmentGreenworks 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw

If you choose to go with this one, it’s better to select the option that comes with the battery. The lithium-ion battery can power multiple garden tools even though it needs a little extra care. It needs to be stored with a 50% charge. 

The 8-inch pole saw is perfect for trimming any stubborn bushes that may be residing in your favorite garden area. There’s an automatic oiler to reduce your maintenance chore. 

Considering its versatility, quick charge ability, battery retention, and other features, this is one of the best trimmers with blades you can find nowadays.


  • Versatile: The pole saw and hedge trimmer, along with other extras, will allow you to go versatile with your yard, garden, or property. 
  • Quick Charge: The battery becomes fully charged in less than one hour. It’s recommended to store the battery with a 50 percent charge.

Lightweight: The tool is lightweight compared to petrol-powered brush cutters. It becomes easier to run the tool by anyone. 

  • The pole saw is great and extremely useful for fast cutting activities
  • The battery run satisfyingly well
  • Comes with a long extension for added convenience
  • Instructions aren’t satisfying and lacks information  

2. Remington Ranchero Gas Powered Brushcutter and String TrimmerRemington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 18-Inch Brushcutter

The first thing to notice is it’s gas-powered. So, you’ll get stronger power compared to the battery or electric brush cutter in general. The brush cutter includes an interchangeable string trimmer head. You can use it for removing tall weeds and even some saplings. 

You can use the steel blade if you need a more powerful cut. Almost anything can be cut with it. On the downside, it features only a curved handle that makes it difficult to carry the brush cutter. On the plus side, you’re getting a shoulder strap to carry the weight. However, if you want the weight to be distributed more evenly, it’s suggested to get a convenient brush cutter carrier.  


  • User-Friendly: The structure is created keeping ultimate user comfort in mind. It’s more convenient to reach difficult bushes and shrubs with this brush cutter. 
  • Heavy-duty Blade: The blades are made of high-quality metal to remove weeds and grass with even cuts easily. 
  • Shoulder Strap: To help you carry 14-pound weight more easily, the brush cutter includes a shoulder strap.
  • Comes with multiple attachments that allow you to perform multiple jobs
  • The engine is powerful enough to clean stubborn bushes
  • The supportive shoulder strap will let you carry the brush cutter easily
  • Easy quickstart pull makes your operation easier
  • It’s comparatively heavier

3. Husqvarna 129R Cutting Path Gas BrushcutterHusqvarna 129R 17″ Cutting Path Gas Brushcutter

The first thing you’ll love about this gas-powered brush cutter is its starting system. For a trouble-free starting experience, the stop switch will automatically reset to the On position. Even when the engine is cold, it requires less effort to start. The fuel tank is see-through. It’s convenient because you can easily keep track of your fuel level. Besides, it eases refilling the tank. 

The brush cutter comes with a few pieces that make your trimming experience more convenient. Overall, it’s one of the best brush cutter blades for brambles you will find out there. 


  • Smart Start: Starting your brush cutter has never been easier. With smart start technology, the hassle of starting a tool is reduced significantly. 
  • Versatile: The package includes a trimmer head, a combination guard, a bullhorn handle, and a grass blade to help you get the most comfortable trimming experience.

Straight Shaft: To make the brush cutter more ergonomic, it comes with a straight shaft that offers extended reach to difficult places.

  • Comes with a straight shaft to make your trimming job easier
  • The extras included with this package is impressive considering the price
  • Smart start technology reduces your work to turn the brush cutter on
  • You can’t use a pole saw or edger with this one

4. Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer BrushcutterTroy-Bilt TB42 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter

Troy-Bilt is a reliable name in the brush cutter industry. The handle on this string trimmer is J-shaped, which means you can use it using either hand. Interchangeable heads and 10 different options will let you go versatile with your lawn mowing. Remove everything that shouldn’t be in your beautiful garden or yard with this powerful string trimmer. 

It cuts basic weeds without any issues. However, you have to be careful while performing heavy-duty tasks. Even though it’s a very powerful tool, it’s recommended not to overuse it. To sum up, it might be the best brush cutter if you’re willing to go with a gas-powered one. 


  • Interchangeable Heads: Rather than being limited to one use, you can turn this into a variety of tools using its 10 interchangeable heads. 
  • Steel Blade: The blade can cut into dense and heavy shrubs, bushes, and weeds using its 8-inch 4-teeth blade. 

Durable: Get gas-powered premium power with this brush cutter that not only removes your unwanted weeds but also stays with you in the long run.  

  • The vegetation you’re cutting will not wind around the shaft, which makes it pretty convenient

    Interchangeable heads will make it easier to change the arrangement according to your necessity 

    Consistent power doesn’t interrupt you midway through your trimming process

  • It’s a bit heavy considering that it runs on gas

5. WORX Battery-Powered Grass Trimmer and Turbine Blower Combo KitWORX WO722 20V PowerShare GT 2.0 Grass Trimmer

It’s a combo, so you’re getting two different tools, two chargers, and two batteries. A powerful lithium-ion battery makes sure you get longer run times with your tools. Keep your garden and yard cleaner and more organized all year long with a battery-powered grass trimmer. 

It’s cordless, which means more convenience. You may need to change the battery when needed, but the tool is comparatively lighter than fuel-powered brush cutters. 

If you’re concerned about brambles growth in your garden, there can’t be a better option than a Worx brush cutter. 


  • Combo Kit: Two tools make sure that everything is covered within one package. You will also get two batteries and two chargers. 
  • Quick Change: You can turn your trimmer into edgers within seconds without needing any external tools. 
  • Handle: The front auxiliary handle comes with seven lock positions to make sure you get maximum comfort while trimming your property.
  • The lightweight feature makes it convenient for anyone to use

    The functions are pretty straightforward for a user-friendly operation

    You can quickly turn the trimmer into an edger for multiple functions

  • The battery doesn’t last long enough  

What Is A Brush Cutter?

A brush cutter is an upgraded version of a string trimmer. While string trimmers can cut weed, groundcovers, and grass, a brush cutter can do more than that. Both tools are powered by some kind of fuel or other sources. It can be gas, petrol, batteries, or electricity. 

A brushcutter is more powerful than a lawnmower. In fact, it’s a most powerful tool than any other device in your garden shed. For any tall grass, shrubs, thick bushes, a brush cutter does a better job than all other tools. 

A brushcutter may cost you a bit more than your other tools, but it’s also worth it. Moreover, it’s a long-term investment you make. These machines are durable and can serve you for a long time without creating any unwanted situation. 

Types Of Brush Cutter For Brambles & Types Of Blades

The tools you buy for long-term uses are the ones that need the most attention. It’s a fair amount of money you’re spending, so be smart. Determining the type you need is the baby step of buying the perfect brush cutter. Let’s explore the types. 

Handheld Brush Cutter

A handheld brush cutter is a lot like a string trimmer with a brush-cutting head. If you have trouble reaching the bush areas with your lawn mower, this one will do the trick for you. 

Engines featuring less than 40cc will be appropriate for smaller areas. But, if you need to cut thick bushes, you’ll have to go higher than a 40cc motor. 

Walk-Behind Brush Cutter

This type of brush cutter is more appropriate for a large area, unlike handheld brush cutters. For example, if you need to remove weeds from a large unused area, a walk-behind cutter is a perfect choice for you. The structure of this brush cutter is like a lawn mower, thus the name. 

These cutters feature powerful motors that allow you to cut down saplings, thick grasses, shrubs and can reach up to 2 inches of thickness. 


This one is for an even larger property. You’ll need to use your tractor or other vehicles to use this brush cutter. Tow-behind brush cutters also go by the name brush hog. 

These brush cutters draw power from your vehicle to run their blades. Some may come with in-built motors. 

Large projects like roadside cleaning, large property cleaning are perfect subjects for using a tow-behind brush cutter.  

Moving on to the type of brush cutter blade types, there are four types. Namely-

Knife Blades

Knife blades can come in numerous shapes. They’re made from a thin steel sheet most of the time and are comparatively cheaper than other blades. 

These blades are most suitable for cutting soft weeds and grass. However, depending on the steel quality, knife blades can be quite strong too. 

Chisel Blades

Chisel blades are more suitable for cutting strong materials like woody weeds and other things of this kind. Their teeth reside on the exterior, making it easy to come in contact with the subject. However, chisel blades are comparatively expensive and require extra hassle to bend and sharpen. 

Smasher Blades

As the name suggests, it smashes rather than cutting. So, there’s no sharp edge on these blades. Smasher blades consist of multiple parts that make them expensive. These blades are mostly suitable for cutting soft materials and can maintain an impressive level of consistency. 

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades do a great job on small branches and leaves. But, they’re suitable for large machines and require a lot of power to run. Mulching is also a good blade for brambles. 

Electric/Battery Powered Vs Petrol Powered Models, Which Is The Best?

While shopping for a brush cutter, you can either choose an electric or battery-powered one or a petrol-powered one. Both come with their own perks. The question is, which one is better than the other?

Electric/battery-powered brush cutters are lightweight and easy to use. Anyone without any professional experience can use them. The best petrol brush cutters, on the other hand, are more suitable for professional use because they come with extra power. These do a great job where you need powerful brushcutters to get your job done. 

Electric and battery-powered brush cutters are a lot quieter than petrol-powered ones. If you are not a professional and doing a job at your home, it’s better to use an electric or battery-powered one because the neighbors will be happy about it. 

Petrol-powered brush cutters don’t require battery-changing problems, but you need fuel to run the device.  

Benefits Of Using A Brush Cutter For Brambles

Brush cutters come in handy where your string trimmer fails. With strong metal blades and a power source, you can clear all your heavy bushes in the garden. Some benefits of using a brush cutter for brambles are- 


You can use this device of yours for edging the brambles in your garden. You can create sharp and clean angles using a brush cutter easily. 


Even though brush cutters can’t provide you the clean look you get from a lawn mower, they can get the job done if needed. Mowing is a potential task your brush cutter can do, among its other versatile functions. 


Remove all unnecessary weeds, grass, and groundcovers that are taking over your garden. A brush cutter is a perfect tool for removing these extras and make your garden beautiful again. 

Large Area Cleaning

Because brush cutters are powerful tools, you can easily make them clean a large area like an unused property or a farming field. 

Other than the things we’ve mentioned, a brush cutter also saves you time. When you need a large area to take care of, you can eliminate time wastage by using a powerful tool like a brush cutter. 

Besides, it’ll give you a professional result with your task at hand. Less powerful tools may not get you the preciseness you want, a brush cutter will. 

Stubborn extras like tree trunks, woody weeds, tall grass are hard to cut with any other tool. Using a brush cutter will allow you to perform multiple tasks using the same tool. 

How To Use A Brush Cutter For Brambles

Brush cutters have different categories. There are two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines, petrol-powered brush cutters, electric and battery-powered brush cutters, etc. However, most of them follow the same working mechanism. So, here’s how to use a brush cutter for brambles. 


Take care of the fueling if your brush cutters run on any particular fuel. It can be gas or petrol. Follow proper instructions to fill the tank before getting started with your device. 


If you’re using a brush cutter powered by petrol, there will be a control, start, and stop button on your tool. Other fuel-based tools may come with a string you’ll need to pull to start the engine. Brush cutters also come with switches to adjust the power.  

Start Cutting

Stand in an appropriate position and start cutting the brambles or anything else you wish to cut. Identify the position so you won’t have to bend while doing your job. It’s for safety purposes and keeps you from hurting yourself. 


There are different ways you can use your brush cutter. If you are mowing your garden or yard, brush cutters can remove the remaining extras throughout the property. Hold your cutter in position and walk towards the weeds to get a perfect cut. 

If you’re trimming, be careful while cutting because the cutter can hit the trees. Make sure you adapt all safety measures before proceeding. 

Other techniques to follow are weeding and scything. You can clean your whole property by lightly using your brush cutter. Weeds don’t need a strong force to get removed. If you use too much power to remove the soft weeds, you’ll end up damaging your garden, yard, or pavement. 

Scything is cleaning large areas. It’s better to use a petrol brushcutter for scything. It’s a professional task and requires more power than your usual mowing. Heavy-duty tasks like this result better when done with a petrol garden brush cutter. 

Remember that safety should not be compromised. No matter which technique you are using and what cutter you are using, don’t forget to use proper safety equipment. 

Buying Guide To Pick The Brush Cutter for Brambles

To get rid of your brambles growth, you need to consider all the essential aspects while buying a brush cutter. We think a few features are essential than others. We’ve explained them below. 

Powering Method

How do you want your brush cutter to be powered? Do you want to go with a petrol brush cutter, an electric one, a battery-powered one, or a gas-fueled one? There are many options. All of them have their advantages and drawbacks. An electric and battery-powered brush cutter may be lightweight, but you’ll get more power with a gas or petrol-powered brush cutter. So, get your necessities straight. 


You may be buying your brush cutter for brambles, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need it for something else. Look for versatile options. This way, you can get two or three tools in one within your budget. You never know when you’ll need an edger. So, don’t go for a brush cutter that offers only a trimmer. Think through what tools you need and try to buy a tool that combines them. 

Shoulder Strap 

Many users may not identify this as a must-have, but it becomes very convenient if the tool comes with a shoulder strap. Carrying a heavy tool like a brush cutter is not easy when it doesn’t have a shoulder strap. 

Motor Power

Motor power varies in a wide range when it comes to brush cutters. It depends on what you intend to cut with your brush cutter. If you’re considering large and stubborn bushes and shrubs, we recommend you go for a powerful tool. If it’s only for your home area, the motor doesn’t need to be too strong.


How do I sharpen my brush cutter’s blade?

You can sharpen your brush cutter’s steel blades using a bench grinder. While using a bench grinder, you’ll have to hold the blade’s edge at about 45 degrees towards the grinder. Press the brush cutter blade steadily to the grinder. Work the blade from center to the edge slowly. Do the other side using the same method. You can also use an angle grinder, and the process is pretty similar.

How To Change The Blades?

The system may differ from models to models. Not all brush cutters come with the same blade changing system. The existing blade will have some pin or screw that you’ll need to remove. Look for the instruction manual if you can’t figure it out. Once you remove the existing blade, place your desired blade and lock it using the same screw. Make sure the screw is tightened.

Will a brush cutter cut brambles?

Yes, it will. Brush cutters are perfect for removing any unwanted brambles growing inside your garden area.

How do you cut thick brambles?

You can cut thick bramble bushes using your brush cutter. Cut about six inches from the ground. This way, you’ll make it easier to pull the roots from the ground.

Can you use a hedge trimmer to cut brambles?

It’s difficult to cut dense bramble bushes using a hedge trimmer. The hedge trimmer often gets tangled among the bushes, so it’s better not to use it for brambles.

What is the best way to clear brambles?

The best way to clear brambles is to use a brush cutter. Once you’ve made the bush short enough with a brush cutter, pulling the roots becomes easier.

How do you kill brambles without chemicals?

Spraying the roots with salt water is an effective way to kill brambles. It’s a natural procedure and doesn’t require any chemicals. Make sure not to use too much saltwater, or it will affect other plants.

Can you burn brambles?

Burning brambles while they’re rooted to the ground isn’t possible. It affects other plants and becomes messy. Use a brush cutter to remove the brambles and then burn them separately if you wish.

Final Words 

If you’re passionate about your garden or yard and brambles are becoming a hindrance, don’t be late to take action. All professionals will suggest you to get yourself a good brush cutter and get rid of them with pleasure. Finding the best brush cutter for brambles can be a hectic task to do. Which is why we made this list intending to help you. Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about brush cutters. Remember that cutting unwanted brambles doesn’t have to be a tiring job if you know what tools to use.

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